Ragdoll Prices


Ragdoll prices may vary from region to region. Ragdoll breeders may sometimes have kittens and sometimes grown cats for sale. The demand for Ragdoll cats is high across the world. Many countries, like China, use Ragdoll as a status symbol. This breed is costly for both one-time and monthly costs. Even after the initial payment, you must pay every month. Many factors, including age, reputation, country, or state, may affect Ragdoll prices. Young ragdolls are more popular than adults.


Why Ragdolls are so special?


The Ragdoll cat breed is very famous for its gentleness and docility. Its brilliant blue eyes attract onlookers. It can weigh up to twenty pounds and is a large cat breed. Its blue eyes and its long coat show its pattern. The Ragdoll cat has considered a member of the family because it is very gentle and has a good heart. It makes it unique, and that’s why it’s so special. If you want to liven up your home, there’s no better choice than a Ragdoll cat.

How much does a Ragdoll cat cost?


If you are looking for a sweet cat to add to your home or office, then a Ragdoll is the best choice in this regard. Usually, it may range from $1200 for a pet Ragdoll to $5000 for a breeder-quality Ragdoll. Low-priced Ragdolls may also be present, but they have limited registration status.


Ragdoll cat price ranges


Let’s talk about the price range of Ragdoll cats. The price of a Ragdoll cat varies from city to city. The price of a Ragdoll cat ranges from about $8,000 to $2,000. But this price varies from city to city. And due to its good personality, this cat is in demand all over the world. We will go ahead and talk about the price of the Ragdoll cat in different countries in detail.

Black Ragdoll cat price

The price of a Ragdoll cat can also vary depending on its quality. A young Ragdoll cat is more expensive than an older Ragdoll cat. The average price of a black Ragdoll cat in the world is between $800 and $2000.


Ragdoll is a very cute, beautiful, and gentle cat. When you hold it in your arms, it becomes very happy. Because of this characteristic, it has called a ragdoll.

There is a slight difference in weight between male Ragdolls and female Ragdolls. Male Ragdoll cats weigh up to 20 pounds, and female Ragdolls weigh between 12 and 15 pounds. If you socialize with it from the time it is born, this cat will feel like a member of your family. This breed does not ignore strangers but loves them too. Because this breed likes to be with humans more than all other pets, it is in its nature.

Price of a Ragdoll cat in the Philippines in 2023

The Philippines are pet loving. 67% of the population of the Philippines owns dogs, and 43% of the population owns cats. In short, the Philippines is a society that provides ample amenities for pets.

The cost of a Ragdoll kitten in the Philippines varies by cat breeder. Some cat breeders charge as much as PHP 8,000 (approximately $144 in US dollars). while others charge as much as PHP 20,000 (approximately $360 in US dollars). An average Ragdoll costs around PHP 10,000, which is equal to 180 dollars.

black ragdoll cat

Ragdoll price in India

Ragdoll cats are becoming very popular in India due to their beauty and gentleness. because they are easy to protect and maintain and do not need much special grooming. Now let’s talk about how much Ragdoll costs in India.

If you are willing to buy a Ragdoll cat from India, you should be mentally prepared to pay a hefty price. The Ragdoll cat, which is one of the world’s favorite cat breeds, is not easy to bring to India. The price of cats in India is generally between 25,000 rupees (about $315 USD) and 35,000 rupees (about $440 USD). They can, but, demand a greatest of 60,000 (approximately $755 USD).

Black and White Ragdoll Cat price


The black and white Ragdoll cat is not considered to be a breed of Ragdoll, hence it’s priced lower. It can cost between 1,000 US dollars and 1,800 US dollars.

Ragdoll Cat price in the UK

Great Britain is the only country in the world that started welfare work for animals in 1824. About 20 million cats and dogs now have a unique and distinct place in this country’s homes. If you wish to buy a Ragdoll kitten from the UK, you will have to pay around £400 to £1,000. The price of a Ragdoll cat can vary by breeder and breeding line.

Pet quality and price

In the UK, a pet-quality Ragdoll has the lowest price of £650 and the highest price of £1500. and the median price range is £950.

show quality at a cost.

In the UK, a show-quality Ragdoll has the smallest price of £650 and the largest price of £1500.

Breeding quality at a price

A breeding-quality Ragdoll costs between £900 and £1500 in the United Kingdom.

Lynx Ragdoll prices

  • Price of Lynx = $1300+

Tabby cats come in the three traditional colors of bicolor, mitted, and colorpoint. The face of the lynx ragdoll cat has tabby points or markings in the shape of the English letter M.


Ragdoll Singapore price


According to CNA Luxury, the cost of a Ragdoll cat in Singapore is between S$8,000 and S$8500. The price of a Ragdoll cat may vary depending on the breed. The cost of a cat depends on the breed of the cat.

Ragdoll price US(united states)

Ragdoll Cat Price in the US: $800 to $2000


You can gauge the popularity of cats in the US by the fact that one out of every three homes in the country has a pet cat. Not all cats in the US are pets, and only a fraction of the total population of cats is domestic.

Mink Ragdoll prices

Mink ragdolls are special types of cats. They do not display any special color or pattern; rather, it refers to a line of blood. These cats are available in three types of colors: seal, blue, and chocolate. The price of mink ragdolls ranges from $500 to $800.

Ragdoll mix prices

About $800 – $2000. 

The price of a Ragdoll mix ranges between $800 and $1,200 for a pet Ragdoll. A Ragdoll is a $2000 show breed. Ragdoll mix cats are a mixture of Burmese, Birman, and Persian cats. The original cat, known as the Ragdoll cat, is white in color and named Josephine.

Ragdoll prices in Australia


AU$800 for a pet Ragdoll


But, this is not a set Ragdoll price. Ragdoll prices vary by region in Australia. But this is not a set ragdoll price; ragdoll prices vary by region in Australia.

Ragdoll Cat price in Bangladesh

Finding purebred exotic cats in Bangladesh is a very difficult task. The few available are actually domesticated breeds, while a purebred cat is costly.


Ragdoll cats in Bangladesh sell at different prices depending on the conditions. Below are the prices of male and female Ragdoll cats according to their age.


  • Male Ragdoll cat aged one to ten years = 17,000-25,000 tk
  • 15,000-20,000 Tk for a female Ragdoll cat over a year old.
  • Male Ragdoll cat under a year of age = 12,000-15,000 tk
  • Female Ragdoll cat less than a year old = 9,000-12,000 tk


Ragdoll prices in Canada


Canadian Ragdoll cats have higher prices than American or British Ragdoll cats. But well-known and popular pets of superior breeds still exist in Canada. which costs between $1000 and $2500.

Ragdoll kitten prices

If you are looking to buy kittens, ragdoll kittens are not as cheap as you think. A high-breed Ragdoll kitten can cost around $1,500 to $3,000. Ragdoll kitten prices depend on their age, quality, and breeding record. When buying a Ragdoll kitten, we must keep in mind that the price of the kitten depends on its breed. It should be consistent throughout.



Ragdoll kitten price in Sydney

Almost $1,000 – $25,00


A Ragdoll kitten in Sydney usually costs between $1,000 and $25,000. Its smallest price indicates purebred pets. The highest price indicates a show-quality cat breed.


Ragdoll kitten price in Pakistan

About RS 2000 


Pakistan does not have any cities. According to an estimate, the price of a Ragdoll kitten in Pakistan is 20 thousand PKR. Due to the scarcity of pet cats in Pakistan, their price is very high.



Ragdoll kitten price in Delhi-India


Delhi, which is a city in India, also has high Ragdoll cat prices. On average, you can pay up to Rs 20,000 to buy a Ragdoll kitten in India. because the price of the cat depends on the breeder. So sometimes you have to pay 35 thousand rupees. Even high-quality kittens can cost up to $3500.

Ragdoll kitten price Canada

As a pet, the cost of a Ragdoll kitten in Canada is between $1600 to $2500. While show quality kittens can cost anywhere from $2000 to $3500 or more.

Ragdoll kitten price Malaysia

RM1000 to RM13,000

In Malaysia, if we buy a Ragdoll kitten from a responsible cat breeder. then it costs between RM1000 and RM13000.

Ragdoll Kitten Quality Cost (Approximate in USD)


  • Pet Quality =  $450+

  • Show Quality =  $1,250 – $2,250+

  • Breeder Quality = $1,550 – $2,500+

  • Breeder and Show Quality = $2,500+

Ragdoll Kitten Prices

How much does it cost to adopt a Ragdoll cat?


Adopting a Ragdoll cat can be a very rewarding and inexpensive experience. Your local rescue center may often lose Ragdoll cats due to the high cost of Ragdoll cats. but it is possible that they will adopt soon. Some rescue organizations in Canada have dedicated work to rescuing Ragdoll cats.

Price for Pet Quality kitten

Common kittens are relatively less expensive than pet-quality kittens. They cost around $450.


If you want to get a cat as a purebred pet and are satisfied that it does not necessarily have all the desired markings, then a Ragdoll cat is the best choice. If you plan to adopt or want a fully marked cat, you may want to pay a little more for a show-quality kitten.

Price for Show Quality kitten

The price of a show-quality kitten is much higher than a pet-quality kitten. Show quality Ragdoll kittens are available in the range from $1250 to $2250. Show quality means that the cat is fully marked and can be exhibited at any cat show. But keep in mind that it has been neutered so you cannot breed with them.


Factors affecting Ragdoll cat prices


while the ragdoll cat has a very docile and gentle temperament. But there are many factors that affect its value. Where do you live? the age of the kitten? the pedigree of the kitten? Some of the factors can influence the price of a ragdoll cat. like the breeder’s reputation, etc. Cat breeders can charge more for them. All kittens are very talented when they are born, but each kitten has its own unique talent.



Show-quality ragdolls are closer to ideal. if they have all the desired breed characteristics. Cats with these unique characteristics do very well in a cat show. not only the breed but also exhibiting their exceptional health, beauty, and temperament. Standard-breed kittens cost more. If you want to know the clear difference between pet quality and show quality. then you should visit the Ragdoll Breed Standard Guide. The Cat Financier Association published it.

Are Some Colors and Patterns of Ragdolls More Expensive Than Others?


If we want to know the price of a Ragdoll cat, it varies depending on the color and pattern of the cat. In both the United States and Australia, cats of the bicolor Ragdoll breed are well organized. Depending on the color, point, or mitted pattern, their prices are high. Rare colors like lilac and flame can also increase the price of a cat.




Cat breeders may demand a higher price for a female cat. because a female neutered cat costs more than a male cat. a cat breeder who can distinguish between mink, sepia, and solid-color ragdolls. He will pay more for this type of cat than a traditional ragdoll. He will charge a high price. because he claims that these characteristics make ragdolls more valuable.

Are You able to Adopt a Ragdoll at a Lower Cost?


Since the price of a purebred ragdoll cat is very expensive, it may not be possible for many people to buy this breed. If you have determined to buy a ragdoll cat. then an easy solution is to adopt a ragdoll cat from a shelter or rescue organization. Finding ragdoll cats in shelters is possible, but it is difficult to find other cat breeds. It can be much more difficult to do. Ragdolls are one of the most popular breeds in the world because of their rapid adoption. 

Breeder Quality And Show Quality Price


A show-quality Ragdoll kitten can cost anywhere from $1500 to $4000. while a breeder-quality Ragdoll kitten can cost anywhere from $1800 to $3000. If you are looking for a cat that is both show-quality and breeder-quality.  Then you must pay for premium quality, which ranges from $2300 to $5000.

How Much Does a Ragdoll Cat Cost Per Month?

Monthly expenses for a ragdoll cat range from $255 to $730.

The cost of a Ragdoll cat is not only when you buy it; there are many other things you can spend on a cat. You also have to pay to keep the Ragdoll cat healthy and happy. It is a lifetime relationship with Ragdoll Cat, not a one-time fee.Are Ragdoll indoor cats?


Ragdoll cats have bred indoors. Although ragdoll cats are very intelligent and can learn a lot. But they do not have the best survival skills. If you want a Ragdoll cat to stay with us for a long time, you have to supervise the cat if it comes with you when you go out.

Bringing home a new Ragdoll Cat: One-time costs of Ragdoll

The biggest expense for a Ragdoll cat is when you think of bringing it home. That is, you have to pay the price of bringing the cat home for the first time. And the price may be higher.


If you want, you can find a Ragdoll cat in shelters or other common places that are very cheap but not free. In that case, you may have to pay more than $1000 at the very least.


The time and money costs associated with rehoming a Ragdoll cat are below.

1: free

Ragdoll cats are very expensive, so it is foolish to think of getting them for free. If someone wants to give you a Ragdoll cat for free, it means that there is a problem with the cat. People usually warn against a Ragdoll cat because it is a sign of a health problem in the animal.


2: Adoption

  • $400_$1000 for adoption.


You can adopt a ragdoll cat for around $400 to $1000. But finding a Ragdoll cat is very difficult. Getting a cheap Ragdoll cat can be both good and bad for you, as such cats often suffer from health problems.


3: Breeder

  • $1000-$2500+ for breeding.


Purebred Ragdoll cats are often sold for breeding. That’s why you have to pay more than the cost of adopting a Ragdoll cat. The Ragdoll cat is a pure Ragdoll breed.


4: Initial setup

  • $250 _$450 for initial setup.


A Ragdoll cat is not only bought but its other needs are also taken care of. To keep the Ragdoll cat healthy, safe, and happy, you need to buy some things. like a cat bed, food, drink bowls, microchips, food, etc.

The annual cost of owning a Ragdoll Cat

Before buying a Ragdoll cat or any pet, it is very important that you know what your financial situation is. Because owning any pet or Ragdoll cat is a real financial responsibility. A Ragdoll cat has the highest annual expenses.


Below is a list of some of the annual expenses of a ragdoll cat.


  • Food+Treats = $200 – $500

  • Food+Water Bowls = $10 – $25

  • Litter Box =  $20 – $160

  • Litter Sand = $200 – $250

  • Cat Bed =  $20 – $30

  • Cat Carrier = $20 – $60

  • Toys+Scratching Post = $100 – $250

  • Grooming Essentials = $100 – $200

  • Veterinary Care = $100 – $200

  • Vaccinations = $50 – $130

  • Flea, Tick, and Medications = $60 – $150

  • Pet Insurance = $360 – $600

  • Miscellaneous Supplies = $30 – $50

  • Yearly Total = $1,270 – $2,605

  • Average Monthly Cost  = $106 – $217

Final Thoughts

Ragdoll cats are very expensive and thus difficult to find for adoption. Due to its unique characteristics, the Ragdoll generation of cats is more expensive. If you want to buy this cat from a reputable breeder, you may have to pay up to $1000. Omitting the one-time cost, this Ragdoll cat turns out to be very expensive.

A ragdoll cat’s monthly expenses may include food, cat litter, and vet visits. which you must keep in mind when purchasing it.

While the initial cost of owning a ragdoll cat is high, it can’t be denied that many ragdoll lovers find it worth every penny. Its affectionate nature makes this cat an adorable breed worth having in the household.

Ragdoll cats are an expensive breed because they are very carefully bred. The price that you pay will depend on the quality of the cat and their characteristics. Certain colors and patterns are also more expensive because they are seen as more desirable, and so can be harder to find

Yesthe female ragdoll cat priceis higher than the male ragdoll price because the females can reproduce. Again, the male ragdolls are likely to develop medical problems as they grow older.

The price of a Ragdoll cat varies depending on the breeder (and their location) and the quality. Expect to pay at least $1200 for a kitten that is pet quality, with breeder and show quality Ragdoll cats costing more. Prices in some parts of the US, for the best breeder/show quality cats, can reach $5000.

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